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Why you need it

Our IT Support pricing model is simple, we won’t tie you up in complex pricing structures for your support instead we offer prices starting from only £20 per user per month for as long as you need it with only a months’ notice should you wish to cancel our services after an initial 12 months. 

We also play nicely with everyone, let us be your IT department and whether the problem is with your accounts software, bespoke application or your email has stopped working if we cant fix it ourselves we will speak to your software vendor on your behalf to find that solution to your problem.

Our most common 12-month contract costs £25.00 per user per month and includes.

  • free on-boarding

  • unlimited remote support

  • unlimited on-site support

  • remote computer and server monitoring

  • cloud-based antivirus as standard.

Should you wish to undertake any of our other cloud-based services such as Office 365, security products or backup products then just pay for what you use per month for as long as you want it.

Don’t forget about our three month no risk money back guarantee on our support services.

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