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Most businesses in the UK now have some form of home working as an option for their staff during the Covid-19 lock downs or periods of self isolation. This can provide all sorts of headaches regarding the availability of equipment to work from home, remote access capabilities and your data security.  Fortunately we have solutions to address these headaches and can provide not only one to one support for your home workers but also the technology required to provide secure access to your company's data and applications.


Either leveraging the functionality from your existing equipment or providing you with enterprise level firewalls and remote access products we can set up an effective solution to provide access to your systems from wherever you are working from.


Although your users are working remotely they should not feel isolated. Using Microsoft Teams your users can collaborate by instant messaging or video conferencing bringing your entire team back together again.


Your users may be using their own equipment, wifi and home networking to access your corporate data but that doesnt mean that they are all of a sudden left on their own if they have a problem. Our support contracts extend to the user wherever they are working from, just think of us as your IT breakdown recovery service.

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