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What We Can Do

Office 365

Simply, your Microsoft Office applications in the cloud rented to you either on a monthly or yearly basis.  This type of rental model is becoming the norm as customers can spread the cost of expensive products and services and pay per user per month.  Office 365 is also regularly updated so you will never be left behind with incompatible old versions of software.

Microsoft Azure

Whether you are looking to move all of your servers to the Cloud or create a Virtual Desktop environment for centralised management our technology consultants are on hand to talk you through the various options available and design your Cloud infrastructure for you.

Office 365 backup & recovery

Office 365 comes with email and file recovery as standard but sometimes it isn't quite enough.  There may be times when you need a file or email recovering from 6 months before but the built in backup has long deleted any sort of copy of the document.

Our cloud based backup and recovery system provides a regular incremental backup of all email, SharePoint and OneDrive data to a completely separate cloud location with retention that can span many years.

Cloud based managed antivirus

Antivirus has always been one of the hardest products to monitor and manage and without a centralised management console has proved difficult to know which machines are protected and up to date and which machines are at risk.

Using our Cloud managed antivirus product all computers are kept completely up to date no matter where they are in the world with an Internet connection.  We can see instantly if machines have detected and quarantined a virus and whether or not it is fully protected.  We can also deploy and carry out antivirus administrative tasks remotely.

Web / Email filtering

There is nothing worse than getting malware, a virus or phishing email to your computer, or not knowing what your users are getting up to during the day on their computers, are they spending all day on social media or visiting non work related web sites.

You can now take back control with our advanced cloud based web and email filtering products.  Malicious emails and web sites can be blocked before they even reach your network and you can set corporate standards by deciding which websites are safe to visit and denying access to sites that could be reducing your users

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