IT Support

Simply put, we believe that we can do a great job in supporting your business and its IT support needs.  Whether you have 5 users or 150 users you will be provided with the same responsiveness, care and attention as every other customer.  We can provide you with ad hoc support, support for your IT manager or IT team or even your individual users, we play nicely with everyone providing the right level of support when you need it the most.

There is no blame game with faIT, we will own the problem and work with your 3rd party vendors until the problem is fixed.  We want you up and working in the quickest time possible.

We also believe that our support services should fit the needs of your business, not the other way around, it is for this reason that we have designed three different types of support services to provide flexibility and choice for your IT support needs.

Break / Fix support

This is the more traditional way of providing support, you have a problem and we fix it, simple as that.  This service offers a fixed price contract for either 12 months or 3 years and is a reactive support service with no pro-active management.  Many business owners still prefer this method as it provides a fixed cost per year for support services but provides a basic service level.

Managed Service Support 

This is by far our most advanced and comprehensive set of support tools that we offer.

Workstation and server remote monitoring and management provides 24/7/365 monitoring letting us know the moment you device has a problem.

This service is provided on a per user per month basis meaning that you only pay for what you use on a monthly basis.

It comes with a comprehensive suite of products all built in to the per user cost to include the following

  • Cloud Managed Antivirus and Anti Malware
  • Office 365
  • Exclaimer email signatures
  • Server local and cloud backup
  • Workstation file backup to the cloud

Hybrid Break / Fix

We believe this to be quite unique in our industry as we have taken the best parts out of both types of support service and spliced them together to create the hybrid break/fix contract.  The support service cost is not dependant on the number of users but the monitoring and cloud services are device dependant allowing the cloud products to be billed separately to the support services.

A standard yearly break / fix support contract fixing your costs for a one or three year term but including the following.

  • Proactive monitoring tools paid per device per month.
  • Cloud Managed Antivirus and Anti Malware paid per device per month.

Options to “bolt-on” additional cloud products and services as required.


If you would like further information as to how our range of support services could help your business then please speak to our management team who are happy to help.