Windows Server 2016 – Installation

Windows Server 2016 logo

The WINDOWS SERVER 2016 technical preview has been available to many for over a month now and is currently on version 3 and boasts lots of fantastic new features.

At a glance;

  • Nano Server – an incredibly lightweight and resource efficient server OS – ideal for web servers.
  • Containers – these are isolated applications that can run independently without affecting other applications, the Docker engine is also being implemented for management.
  • Hyper V feature such as Hot add memory, Improved backup and more Linux versions supported
  • Software defined Storage – enumerate storage via built in software, no more expensive storage arrays and components
  • Cloud Support – Integration with Azure and other cloud services


Testing the next version of Windows is important for us to remain current and keep ourselves familiar with changes before our customers get their hands on it. Therefore we spun up a virtual server, 2 processors and 8GB of RAM as a small test. Installation is very similar to that of Windows Server 2012 R2 but detailed below.










We are hoping the XBox integration will be optional, I dont see any requirement for this unless you are a games developer. Server 2016 is built from the Windows 10 kernel so the start menu is now back 🙂



The OS now had built in Anti Malware services, rumored to rival that of Malwarebytes and other leaders in the field. Ideal for file servers.


We found the system very responsive, if you are familiar with 2012 R2 then you are not going to have a hard time navigating around. The main differences will be in the applications themselves such a Hyper V and containers.