What is a leased line and why do I need one?

Fibre Cable

The internet is a pretty big part of modern business. Whether its remote working, collecting and sending email, e-commerce or simply running your business on cloud software, any business without reliable internet is already on the back foot.

The Problem

Traditional internet services are based on ADSL or Cable technology. These can provide adequate services for smaller businesses but reliability is often the key issue. Some faults can last days depending on when an engineer can be dispatched to fix the problem and can even affect entire regions.  Downtime costs your business money and can cause your clients to get frustrated or go elsewhere if their emails aren’t getting answered quickly. These services generally have higher speed downloads but slow uploads so sending mail or files is slower than receiving. Speed is also another key issue, some rural areas struggle to get a acceptable download speed and some overpopulated areas will see a slow down at peak times.

The Solution

Leased lines provide a dedicated fibre based line to your business, which provides a reliable and high speed upload and download (symmetric speed) and have a much higher % up time than traditional ‘basic’ internet services. These can be started off at a low level and upgraded easily to scale with the business. Leased lines also provide a guaranteed SLA – that means you wont be down in any one fault for more than x hours. Guaranteed. You dont get the same slow downs at peak times as your bandwidth is guaranteed at all times.

Here are a few key facts before seeing if its right for your business;

  • a 3 year contract will usually see you get free installation of the fibre and the equipment, a 1 year contract and you will need to pay for these.
  • Some packages have a financially backed SLA.
  • The installation process can take up to 3 months, much longer than a basic ADSL/Cable line.
  • You can upgrade services easily (typically on a 100mb bearer) but its much harder to downgrade.

We work with a range of providers to ensure all of our customers can make use of these services.