Trello – Our project management tool

Trello Logo

Trello is a fantastic tool that we use here at faIT use as a means to organise our projects, our daily to do lists and keep tabs on any outstanding long term issues or ideas.

What is Trello?

Trello is a collaboration and organiser web app which is incredibly simple in its design. Information can be organised into ‘Boards’ in which multiple members can share and collaborate on information easily making it ideal for project management. Within each of these boards are lists and within lists are simple ‘cards’. Cards can contain pictures, checklists, comments and pretty much any information needed. The beauty of Trello is the ability to move cards easily from one list to another which instantly make it a fantastic project management tool but even a daily or weekly planner. Its an easy visual way of working in a team.

How we use it

faIT Project control Board

Our technical department work on hundreds of projects every year, some large some small. Even having visibility of the day to day projects and tasks (aside from our helpdesk) is incredibly effective way of keeping in touch and offering ideas and improvements to each other. We have a master task list in which we put our tasks with a list for each of our names, this means its easy for us to create tasks in another list to assign work or jobs. Labels help us keep track of priority visually.


We Archive the done list every few hours. Support calls always land in our helpdesk sometimes we have entries in both that may relate to the same issue or task.

My Task List


I also use a more ‘personal’ to do list just so I get a bit more space using the GTD method.

Big Picture
This is my long term goals, certifications, standards and stuff I will find time for eventually. Usually important but too big to tackle in one step.

Everything lands in the inbox, if i’m on site ill snap pictures of hardware and upload directly to trello or i’ll make a note of jobs to do and sort them into other lists afterwards, as-long as I have the information noted it gets dealt with.

Up Next
Pretty self explanatory, this is usually my upcoming tasks, I try to clear this daily.

When im waiting for somebody else to offer feedback, test or simply get back from holiday it goes in here until I can follow it up with them.

My wish list – if anything goes from this list i’m very happy. These are usually no rush jobs, not all work related (I still haven’t sorted that bathroom wall).

Its great filling this up at the end of a week. I will clear this out occasionally when it no longer looks pretty.

Presenting Information

When working on installations or migrations we always use Trello to allow the customer to see progress and updates on their project. Using the fantastic Gantt Chart site, this can interact with your trello account and present a gantt chart of information, including assigned time, deadlines and each card as a seperate stage. It even allows Export into Excel and PDF so uber customer friendly. Snapshot below is edited for Security.


This is a really great way of showing information easily, the beauty is you can also expand and move deadlines easily and it will update trello too! A simple description allows you to create the blue date range above by setting the duration and the start date. Microsoft project is great but its not half as flexible or easy to use.



Making it personal

One of the greatest features of Trello is the Gold upgrade. If you share Trello it allows you to earn up-to 12 months of gold subscription which gives you additional backgrounds and power ups but its at such a low price point already its simply nice to be able to change backgrounds on the screen you see all day. There is also business class which has a host of security and app integration features which are incredibly interesting and growing all the time, Ideal for larger offices.