Taking Antivirus to the Cloud

When was the last time you checked your antivirus management console to make sure that your servers and PC’s were protected and up to date?  A lot is left to chance with only a small percentage of companies routinely checking their antivirus protection for shortfalls and usually remain unnoticed until a disaster hits, for example, a user gets a ransomware virus and all of a sudden your entire company is down until your files are restored from backup or you pay that ransom because your backup has failed.

Antivirus protection is more often than not deemed a necessary evil but people underestimate the consequences of having out of date antivirus protection or even no protection at all.  There are plenty of free products available to download and install but most of these tend to cater for the home user market and often do not meet the greater needs for businesses with file servers, email servers et al.

Most business grade antivirus products pretty much offer the same features and functionality but we are now beginning to see the rise in new cloud based managed antivirus solutions.  These Cloud solutions can be managed centrally from a cloud portal allowing you to check your antivirus protection from any computer anywhere, you can create protection policies that can be pushed out to your managed devices and you can stop access to virus infected Web sites and sites blocked by categories should you wish.  Should any of your managed devices fall behind with updates or become infected with a virus then in most instances you can manage and disinfect them from the comfort of your own desk.

Antivirus products can also do a lot more than just detect for viruses, they can stop you plugging in unauthorised USB devices or DVD’s, they can stop malware or potentially unwanted applications getting on to your computers and can even stop users accessing certain Web sites.

If you are concerned about your level of antivirus protection just carry out the following checks.

  • Are all of your computers antivirus protected? It is the ones that are missing virus protection that will download that virus.
  • Are all of your computers up to date with their virus protection?  If not then you will not be protected from the new viruses being released every day.
  • Are your computers up to date with Windows critical updates?  Not everyone does this but can provide critical protection from Windows vulnerabilities.

By keeping a regular check on these recommendations you dramatically reduce the chances of computers becoming infected and potentially costing your business thousands of pounds in down time or even lost data.

If you would like advice or have any questions regarding antivirus protection then please give us a call.