Remote Monitoring and Management

In a world where (nearly) everything you do can be managed through a web browser it can all seem very confusing, especially to small business that dont have the luxury of an IT manager or person responsible for IT. RMM is fast becoming the new best friend of IT service providers and businesses alike. A fully mananaged RMM platform can pass on the responsibility to your service provider of managing all of your computers wherever they are in the world, maintain patches, alert you if something is wrong, provide remote access to devices and even manage your backup and antivirus.

The list goes on but it is clear to see the advantages that such a managed platform can bring. As a business owner you can be sure that your computers are up to date and problem free, your antivirus is fully deployed and up to date and all is good in your world (on the IT front at least). This type of solution doesnt have to cost the world either with most platforms billed per device per month or in some cases added into your support contract.

If you’ve not thought about this type of managed service before then it is worth taking a look if for nothing more than for the piece of mind that knowing your IT is working fine.

If you are interested in finding out what our RMM package could do for your business then give us a call, we are always happy to talk about exciting technologies.