Prevent the Windows 10 Upgrade

prevent Windows upgrade

Whilst Windows 10 will bring many new benefits for consumers and businesses alike, many will want to ensure their users don’t walk into issues on 29th July with computers automatically upgrading to Windows 10 and roll this out in their own timescale.

Many of you may have already received the Windows 10 upgrade notification a few weeks ago (some of you won’t have, if your PC are on a domain network you wont be auto updated). This was a small application allowing you to ‘reserve’ your free copy of windows 10 and effectively register for the update ahead of time.

The only way to stop the automatic upgrade is to uninstall KB3035583 from the Add/Remove Programs which will stop the auto upgrade from occurring.

Whilst Microsoft has gone to great lengths to ensure the upgrade is smooth as possible there are always going to be teething issues. Many report the upgrade goes through without issue but its going to be a big shock to many users if they are suddenly missing applications or shortcuts.

What if I already Updated?

There is a built in rollback tool. I highly recommend you take a backup of your data just in case (you should have an up to date one already, right?)

  • To do this first open the Windows Start menu and Select Settings from the menu.
  • Select Update & Security.
  • Click the Recovery Icon then select ‘Go back to a previous version of Windows’. Click ‘Get started’ to begin.

Note – If you’re using a laptop you’ll also need to connect it to a power source.