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Fibre Cable

What is a leased line and why do I need one?

The internet is a pretty big part of modern business. Whether its remote working, collecting and sending email, e-commerce or simply┬árunning your business on cloud software, any business without reliable internet is already on the back foot. The Problem Traditional internet services are based on ADSL or Cable technology. These can provide adequate services for […]

backup strategy

Backup Strategy – Do you have one?

Backup is most definitely one of those topics that is always overlooked in a lot of network installations we come across. Not necessarily by the original installers but by the people managing and maintaining that backup – simply from ensuring USB drives or Tapes are changed when they need to be. Many people who get […]

Windows Server 2016 logo

Windows Server 2016 – Installation

The WINDOWS SERVER 2016 technical preview has been available to many for over a month now and is currently on version 3 and boasts lots of fantastic new features. At a glance; Nano Server – an incredibly lightweight and resource efficient server OS – ideal for web servers. Containers – these are isolated applications that […]

Microsoft Hyper-V and vmware logos

What is Virtualisation?

Server Virtualisation is a term that has been around for the past 5 years or so, its grown ever more popular to the point where most servers and applications within businesses are now using the technology. Virtualisation is the concept of splitting a physical server, into multiple smaller server, dedicated their own resources and thus […]

prevent Windows upgrade

Prevent the Windows 10 Upgrade

Whilst Windows 10 will bring many new benefits for consumers and businesses alike, many will want to ensure their users don’t walk into issues on 29th July with computers automatically upgrading to Windows 10 and roll this out in their own timescale. Many of you may have already received the Windows 10 upgrade notification a […]

Skull and crossbones

What to do when you have a virus

This is something we experience daily on the support desk. A person has managed to download some kind of virus or malware which is attempting to take over their computer, sell them unnecessary software or try to ransom data (Cryptolocker is the most recent famous malicious software labelled as ransomware). Step 1 Disconnect the computer […]


Lastpass has been hacked

A Friday bulletin from lastpass has announced some of its important information has been stolen by Hackers, what should you do?


How to remember your password

Trying to remember your password is one of those frustrating issues users run into every day. Here is a way to keep your passwords safe but memorable.

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