Getting a grip on your wireless infrastructure

Wireless networking or WiFi is really difficult to get right with consumer grade equipment. We see poor wireless for most prospective customers due to poor understanding of the installer or simply utilising old equipment which has been moved regularly and ended up in a poor location. Poor signal, slow access and frustrating ‘reboots’ of equipment regularly disrupting your users and possibly visitors to your site.

Even entry level business access points can be problematic especially when it comes to roaming users (such as in a warehouse picking stock) as 2 separate access points wont hand off devices until its completely lost its signal. Managed wireless was born to solve this issue.

Another issue with entry level access points is the ability to only broadcast one single network name. Giving visitors access to a single wireless network shared with all of your other devices Рa huge security risk. We always install a fully segmented and secure guest wireless network which is completely isolated from your critical business network as standard.

Many visitors will expect you to provide some sort of internet access so they can keep connected.

Many wireless access points are incorrectly installed and thrown under desks, behind cupboards or within metal cages – we always recommend mounting on a ceiling or inward facing wall for maximum coverage¬†due to the ‘donut’ shaped radio broadcast.

We utilise our Overwatch platform allowing us to centrally manage and monitor our customers wireless networks in real time. The access points seamlessly hand off to each other when a client gets a better signal from a different Access Point – ideal for tough warehouse environments.

We also keep your access points up to date with the latest firmware and software, automatically installed when the access points are not in use out of hours.

Most office based sites need a basic site survey whereas warehouse and tough environments need more advanced wireless mapping to ensure best placement and maximum coverage and throughput. A proper wireless survey is never cheap but certainly worth the investment to get it right from the beginning.