GDPR – How will it affect your business

This has become a real hot topic at the moment due to the new financial implications coming into play from the 25th May 2018, but how will this affect your business.  It is a common misconception that GDPR will ony affect larger organisations with lots of personal data, but this is not true, GDPR will affect every organisation that holds any form of personal information both in electronic form or paper based.  The definition of personal data is any information held that can personally identify an individual, so a name, email address etc and can be defined as personal data but GDPR now goes further to include biometric data and DNA.  Information held in personnel records or a CRM database used for marketing purposes can also be scrutinised as well as information held in cloud based systems (if you control the data then you are liable).

The onus falls heavily on business owners to protect this personal data and the need is greater now to have documented procedures and policies, stating how personal information will be used, how long it will be kept for etc.  Data subjects (a person) also have new rights under GDPR which include the right to be forgotten (to have all of their personal data removed from your system), to have access to the information that you hold on the individual and to make information held electronically portable.

The financial implications alone should be enough to focus every business owners mind with fines up to 4% of global turnover or £20 million, companies need to know what data they have, how it was obtained, has an individual opted in to receive marketing from you, where is it stored, who has access to it, is it secure and so on.

To understand GDPR we have undertaken industry led training and are now able to provide Gap analysis to identify where the shortfalls are to meet compliance and can help you to impliment security measures to reduce the risk of data loss due to threats from outside the business and more importantly threats from inside the business.

To find out more information about how GDPR will affect your business please call our sales team who can put you in touch with our GDPR consultant.