Cybercrime – Prevention is the Cure

Noticed anything suspicious in your inbox?

You wouldn’t hand over money to a stranger in the street, would you? Why do it online…

Cybercriminals are always creating new scams, the most recent is Impersonator Emails which are tricking hundreds of people every day out of money, passwords or other personal data.

These emails are sent and look like a normal email and could even come from someone you know – arriving in inboxes despite spam and email defences.

Impersonator Emails – watch out for these common indicators:
1. Does the email concern you? If not – DELETE it!
2. Sender’s email spelt correctly?
3. No personalisation and sent to bulk recipients
4. Random context, attachments and poor grammar?
5. Unrelated subject and no branding

If you are worried about cybercrime then contact faIT today to speak with one of our Cyber Security specialists