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Cybercrime – Prevention is the Cure

Noticed anything suspicious in your inbox? You wouldn’t hand over money to a stranger in the street, would you? Why do it online… Cybercriminals are always creating new scams, the most recent is Impersonator Emails which are tricking hundreds of people every day out of money, passwords or other personal data. These emails are sent […]

GDPR – How will it affect your business

This has become a real hot topic at the moment due to the new financial implications coming into play from the 25th May 2018, but how will this affect your business.  It is a common misconception that GDPR will ony affect larger organisations with lots of personal data, but this is not true, GDPR will […]

Remote Monitoring and Management

In a world where (nearly) everything you do can be managed through a web browser it can all seem very confusing, especially to small business that dont have the luxury of an IT manager or person responsible for IT. RMM is fast becoming the new best friend of IT service providers and businesses alike. A […]

Taking Antivirus to the Cloud

When was the last time you checked your antivirus management console to make sure that your servers and PC’s were protected and up to date?  A lot is left to chance with only a small percentage of companies routinely checking their antivirus protection for shortfalls and usually remain unnoticed until a disaster hits, for example, […]

Getting a grip on your wireless infrastructure

Wireless networking or WiFi is really difficult to get right with consumer grade equipment. We see poor wireless for most prospective customers due to poor understanding of the installer or simply utilising old equipment which has been moved regularly and ended up in a poor location. Poor signal, slow access and frustrating ‘reboots’ of equipment […]

Network Documentation 101 – The Big Red Bus theory

So – the worst happens, your IT Company/IT Manager has an unforeseeable incident (tragically hit by a big red bus in this example!) and you don’t have any network documentation to pick up where they left off. You’re scrambling to get a replacement to help but there is no documentation at all, nobody knows how […]

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Online Security for Small Business

Online security is vitally important for businesses of all sizes and its not often we have the honor of having a guest writer – Matt from Broadband Genie to cover this wide and varied subject   Online Security is where larger organisations can reduce their attack surface with lots of investment and expensive technology, smaller business have far […]

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Trello – Our project management tool

Trello is a fantastic tool that we use here at faIT use as a means to organise our projects, our daily to do lists and keep tabs on any outstanding long term issues or ideas. What is Trello? Trello is a collaboration and organiser web app which is incredibly simple in its design. Information can be organised […]

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